Madeleine Meets the Web

It is a great pleasure to introduce the full text of Hope Mirrlees’ first novel, Madeleine: One of Love’s Jansenists, to the web.

Madeleine is almost impossible to acquire as a physical book unless you have access to one of the handful of libraries worldwide that hold a copy. The publication of this copy rests entirely on the labors of Ide Cyan, who spent countless hours scanning a library copy, running it through OCR, and correcting the text, then marking up the text. She has my sincere gratitude for all the work, and for allowing the result to be published here with my markup alterations.

Most of the few living humans who’ve read it have done so because they loved Mirrlees’ most famous novel, Lud-in-the-Mist, and Madeleine is a very different sort of book, so its reputation has remained dim. Having read it through a couple of times, I’ve found many points that connect up with Lud in surprising ways, but Madeleine is also an interesting text in its own right. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting some of my own thoughts, and now that the text is out in the wild, I hope to see some of yours as well.

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  2. margaret ellison says:

    I learned in the past 2 years that Hope Mirrlees is a distant cousin of mine via the Moncrieff and Pattison families. We bought a copy of “Lud in the Mist” because I wanted to read the writing of a relative I had never met. I am immensely proud of her scholarship and efforts at writing but I must say I did not care for her book in the least. As an American reader, perhaps it is something English to admire this fantasy novel. I don’t like it and I wonder what the hoopla is all about. Perhaps I just don’t care for the style of her writing. And I am still so proud of all she did in her lifetime. Wish I had known about her and could have met her and talked with her about her unique life

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